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Do you wish to be a successful entrepreneur AND a musician?

Do you work more hours than you would like?


Your work can feel professional, creative, successful, and rewarding. You consistently work with full energy and creativity. The day feels light and fun. Everyday. You are not overworked or underpaid. You work your ideal hours for your ideal rate. Your work is centered around your zone of genius and you get tingles of inspiration regularly. You feel the joy of earning a lucrative salary using your talents. You have time to give to your family and friends and your own practice.


Experience Peace and Prosperity


I help musicians grow an aligned business to experience peace and prosperity. You don't have to teach way more students than you would like, play more gigs than you want, work through dinner breaks, and feel like you are constantly giving and not making a competitive wage. My mission is to share the techniques that allowed me to attract quality clients easily and grow my business quickly. 


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I offer a variety of programs that support creating a lucrative music business. 


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