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Augment your strengths

Imagine having support and a clear action plan to feel the same confidence in all aspects of your business. It's possible to augment your strengths, and improve any weaknesses so that your business is tuned up and effective.


Spark new momentum

Are you open to a new perspective, new possibilities, and inspiration? 

Support and the confidence to begin making steady change can create momentum. Once that momentum is created get ready for a snowball effect in your life and business. It's my passion to share this experience with you so that you can create your own inspired, aligned experience.


This session is for you if:

  1. You're ready for a breakthrough in your business
  2. You're ready to make the shift toward the income you desire 
  3. You're ready to attract more amazing clients and continue to change lives daily with your work
  4. You are ready to take action and receive effective support


During this session we will:

  1. Get clear on what is working, and what can be tweaked
  2. Assess the top goal or challenge you have right now
  3. Create a step by step action plan to release what's holding you back



What to expect

We schedule a 30 minute phone session to take a close look at your top goal or challenge, assess 2-3 of the most pertinent aspects to improve, and design action steps to help you move consistently toward your desired goals.



Hear what Melissa said following her session...


There is great power and creativity in different perspectives. I value wisdom from those who have 'been there, done that' and can offer practical suggestions and encouragement. A good teacher or coach not only gives practical advice, but also know what good questions to ask. questions on a call are so helpful as the conversation develops and you have time to go a little deeper. After the call I not only have practical steps and suggestions to follow up on, but I have also made big-picture connections between my over-arching goals and my daily practices. 

30 minute 1:1 Laser Coaching Session
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