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People I know wonder why I’m always great. They think I’m lying. Or I’m weird. But honestly, it’s because I choose to build an amazing life and enjoy it right now.

How you feel matters.

Little, consistent tweaks taken to improve the way you feel changes so many things.


It’s easy to think that’s not true. And yes, life is not always sunshine and rainbows. BUT an example?


I let myself expand in frustration and anger the other day. I spent hours ‘pushing through’ thinking I would ‘just finish this task!’

The result?

I missed several glaring details that would have saved me HOURS. When I finally gave up, rested, and tried again the next day I noticed options that were there and made things easier that I had simply missed because my thoughts were cloudy from frustration.


Things aren’t always what they seem. I was just too riled up to see it.


Investing time in myself each morning has changed my life. If you could use a boost, and could do with feeling great more of the time you’re invited to my new email course: Peaceful Foundations.

Real peace happens in real life.

That means even when it's stormy we can look within and create it.


Invest in yourself. Create a peaceful mind every morning so that you can approach your day feeling amazing and sprinkling your awesome feelings on everyone you encounter.

I’m so grateful for my journey and for the opportunity to share this with you. This is truly from my heart to yours. I am a Christian, and I share my faith journey in this course – I respect and value other beliefs and I want to be upfront about who I am and how my beliefs drive my choices – so I also want to be clear that that is what you may expect here. This is not something to convince anyone of my beliefs, simply to share my process.

Peaceful Foundation Email Course
I want peace!