You’re working on Business growth, Personal growth, mindset mastery

You want to:

grow confidence
enjoy the moment more often
get unstuck
reach your potential
supercharge your professional results


You are growing your business, and you know that growing with a strong group of peers multiplies your success. You seek out trainings, and support, and they help. But now it's time for more. It's time to commit and be seen. It's time to make plans and grow steadily. 


You are the Key to your Success

It's time to:

  • Hone your mindset and insulate yourself from self-doubt
  • Set new habits 
  • Enjoy personal and professional results
  • See your business soar


You know success is an inside job


You know that accountability and support gets you where you want to go 10x farther and faster (just like building music skills – the road is drastically different with weekly check ins and mini-deadlines than ‘going it alone’)


You feel it in your heart that your gifts are meant to be shared with the world - that your business will reach heights you haven't imagined. But sometimes, it feels like you're spinning your wheels and progress is in fits and starts. How would it feel to tap into inspired energy each day, soak up the energy of other amazing entrepreneurs with the same fire are you and supercharge your results? 


Be a part of a driven community to spur even more success. You’re not alone. We don’t ‘go it alone’ here. We declare our goals, have detailed check ins, and action plans, and have supportive accountability partners. You can't hide and you won't want to. 


At Team Thrive we contribute, support, learn, encourage, and inspire.






Team Thrive is a safe place to share, network, and be supported

get In depth support for you and your business



Team Thrive is an ongoing learning and support program. I'm SO pumped to kick it off with mindset foundation work, and topics will include sales, audience growth, online networking, and all things business building! The initial member commitment is for 3 months - the amount of time needed to decide on your action plan, commit, and begin seeing results. This is for you if you are SURE you are committed to growing your business, showing up and doing the work. After the 3rd month membership renews monthly - Just like I'll show you how to create sales that are celebrations to your clients, I'll make your membership a celebration for you. If it no longer serves you, you are invited to leave Team Thrive at anytime, no contract. 


Clarity and Focus


Lessons and homework help you clear the mental clutter, focus on your business growth while staying balanced. When all aspects of your life improve you’ll see results faster AND enjoy the journey! Feeling amazing and fired up consistently will show in every aspect of your life - business included. Imagine your work when you wield the power of your mindset combined with accountability support! 



Lessons will be added weekly!

May is Money Mindset Month.

Smash those limiting beliefs and that money set point - expand into your opportunities and be ready for abundance.

Lessons are Thursdays and Q and As are Fridays

Replays always available.


We begin May 3!

You need to check out the bonuses:



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Team Thrive VIP

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  • 30 minute 1:1 call each month

(Limit of 5 VIPs to ensure proper support -- only 3 spots left!)

 $99/month regular tuition

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